The introduction of personal, mobile smart devices has brought television beyond the living room and into the hands of millions who prefer their TV “to go.” Rather than families viewing TV together, we now have millions of individuals seeking their own customized viewing experiences. This shift has altered the thinking of who comprises a “TV household” and has thereby redefined the business for TV rights fees, pay TV subscriptions, audience measurement and advertising rates.

The Business of Multiplatform TV Summit addresses this new direction for the business of all things multiplatform. Whether you use terms like “second screen” or “TV everywhere” or “OTT,” the fact is that the TV viewing experience is now very different because of the mass accessibility to new technologies, especially personal “smart” viewing devices. The Summit will feature a series of four panel discussions and four keynote interviews to address key questions currently facing the television and video business, such as:

• How are traditional providers meeting the demands of customers who want more mobility beyond their backyards?
• How are programmers leveraging this new opportunity to their advantage?
• How are technology suppliers preparing for mass adoption by consumers?
• How are marketers attracting more viewers
• How are advertisers planning to reach a more mobile and segregated audience?

Who Attends

The Business of Multiplatform TV attracts roughly 300 select senior executives involved in the surging business of video and TV on multiple platforms. They represent technology suppliers, researchers, programmers and traditional content providers, as well as those who are new-to-market.